How Christians got their name

When followers of the Awrcha ארח {Aramaic or Hebrew} meaning "path" or "way" -- translated as οδου "hodoo" in Greek, -- tried to explain themselves to Gentiles {These were members of a Jewish sect of a risen Messiah known to other Jews as נוצרים Nazorim or Nazarenes} the Gentiles did not understand what a Messiah {or משיח Mashiach in Hebrew} was. So they explained it meant an "Annointed one" literally meaning a King or High Priest who is 'coronated' using a chrism of 'holy oil.'

The Gentiles {in Antioch} using the word χρίσμα {chrisma} for "unction" or "anointment" or χρίω {chrio} for "anoint" or "confirm," came up with Χριστός {Christos} meaning "Annointed one" and Χριστιανός {Christianos} meaning "owned by Christos or Christ." The descriptive term which was most likely contemptuous and misinformed,* stuck and became a term of honor among a growing body of Gentile adherents.

* Original inference {something like}: "Those [Jews] who belong to the one who has had [consecrated] oil applied to him." -- The name could have been the work of a local comedian.