Ethno-Religious affiliations

The Sergeant claimed to be Judean-American of Kenite extraction {hence his interest in metallurgy and weaponology}. But genetic investigation of his four grandparents revealed that on his paternal side he was a descendant of a Minoan from Crete in the Aegean. The remainder of his revealed genetic ancestry was Polish, some sort of ‘Eastern’ Celtic and a touch of Berber. The Sergeant shrugged; “that’s just 4 of a thousand ancestors...”

For a brief period of time he wore a small pin of a golden Star-of-David overlaid with a silver Cross around which was written: “Remember Rabbi Jesus.” When asked if he was messianic he claimed not, mentioning something about Rosenzweig [God, man, world; creation, revelation, redemption... the generational evolution from parent to child toward the more perfect human] and Buber [ I - Thou; phenomenology growing from the genuine ‘meeting.’]. Soon he ceased wearing the pin and then stopped talking about such things.