The Big Govt half the people would vote for

Ad-hoc Lecturer, the semi-Strategic Corporal at the D.A.V. post at Brick Church

“Put this option to a vote: An American Nationalist party; opposed to Globalism. --Believing in a very strong military defense, but with caution toward casual interventions. Every citizen is guaranteed an education, a job of last-resort and health care. This, plus improvements to infrastructure, is paid for by a combination of Tax rates from the Eisenhower and Nixon Administrations adjusted for inflation: The highest income brackets will pay 70% on last dollar-earned at $3.3 million per year; first-dollar earned taxed at about 15% and restore income-averaging for success-stories on the way up. The top marginal rate might be too low and need to be adjusted upward, as you want to encourage domestic re-investment and curb the avarice-based inflation that has plagued medical and financial service for the last 30 years. It was individuals in the financial-sector making what was called “F.U. money” who ruined their own firms while amassing personal fortunes during the last banking collapse -- in which future tax-payers, consumers and the Federal Reserve suckled failed private companies back to profitability. This should not happen again. -- It would probably require a Constitutional Amendment restraining the use of money in politics {fat chance} to allow such a vote. Add to this a Government modernization act in which government attempts, at least, to become competent and helpful. Compare this ‘conservative big-government’ vision to either a vacillating, ambivalent liberal, identity-based {& fragmented} solution; or a regime for, by and of billionaires with average people to be damned by the illusion of a free-market. If whoever champions the nationalist solution is careful to refrain from prejudices while quoting the Bible {especially Jesus & the Prophets} and being God-fearing, I think it beats all comers... --Would such a system champion the next FaceBook? I don’t know, but it would fix our roads.”

Question: [garbled...] ...What makes this different than the Soviet Union?

Reply: Free elections, free speech, free press, freedom of investments. This option attempts to rescue what's left of domestic capitalism from international corporatism; to preserve liberty and decency from plutocracy.

Question: You mentioned jobs of last resort. Let's assume fixing roads, which you mentioned. -- We have to pay the prevailing union wage..."

Reply: Just like there needs to be a balance between those earning 11 million dollars a year and those earning $14,000; there needs to be a balance between those earning $50 an hour and those earning $7.

Question: Won't the rich leave the country? --Or maybe doctors?

Reply: Use Tax incentives to enhance domestic job creation. Tax penalties for outsourcing and criminal penalties for off-shoring or other tax evasion. Do you really think the professional class will flee to West Bengal? Remember the onus of professional education should no longer be on the individual.

Question: What about the high cost of malpractice insurance?

Reply: I don't speak to every issue. Personally I'm not as concerned with the well-being of insurance companies as I am with the well-being of citizens. Some of these rates resemble extortion; maybe sound medical practice needs to be taken from the guilds and given to society at large. Maybe genuine malpractice should be criminalized. Providing health care will remove the largest obligation in a malpractice award. I got to sit down and have a drink of water now... [mild applause].