Redemptive sub-Behaviors

Tired of the chicanery in the bond salesroom, I removed my business cards and left. In the small conference room near the stairs one of the team leaders was complaining about an inadequate confederate: “He’s a numbskull so mixed up with basic honesty as to be useless to the cause.”

After leaving the Art-Deco farmers market I parked near the ocean. Walking across from the boardwalk a  political-type figure lectured residents ...based on the size of burnt-cork looking “coprolites” on the surf -- about potential wave-height and how they should set their dikes. Failure to do so correctly could result in property-confiscation, fines etc. No one paid any attention.

Someone in a sports car, dressed for a party, stopped by with a kid, and we chatted. Apparently I had recently flown a light plane armed with a machine gun and small {70mm} rockets. -- Admiral McCanae landed 2 helicopters on the grass before the boardwalk near the gazebo. Lots of people about. I was introduced to the Admiral and he wanted to show me how to fly both helicopters at the same time, one by remote control. I tried but gave up, concerned I might mangle people in the crowd. I briefly flirted with his wife or daughter. Going inside the building I walked into a large dining hall that was a cross between a rustic, wood-hued restaurant and an Officer’s Club. I regretted giving the impression that I had been an Air Force pilot. If asked I considered admitting to being a former Sergeant and some-time contractor.

A box of toys lay in the corner for the taking. I walked toward the back of the restaurant with a spring-loaded cane that had a hammer-like toy on top which would perform repetitive motions reminiscent of a jack-hammer. -- It was the quiet of late afternoon as I entered the large empty parking lot ringed loosely by tall American Sycamore trees with mottled, exfoliating bark. It was a warm day in late Fall as the foliage was yellowish and sparse. There were no people about and despite a small touch of melancholy, once again I felt on the verge of becoming a new person for at least a while.