On War

An analysis of 'counter-insurgency' operations in a context of general military engagements {from 2008; update appended below}.

Basic Points:

1. Wars on foreign soil are either quick and brutal or colonialist to the locals.

2. Use of Special Forces, (Paratroops, Marines, Rangers, etc.) are often used as expendable forces when a nation or society is uncertain about committing to the use of force.

3. Why fight asymmetric wars in a linear fashion?

4. Winning armies in conventional conflicts are those with the superior tactics, training, technology, intelligence and logistics.

5. Winning armies in non-conventional wars are those with superior motivation.

6. The 'mission:' --If friendly-forces are all potential targets and tactical goals are either hard to formulate or defensive in nature; and strategic goals are 'glittering generalities' (translating to a hopeful they will eventually like us or become like us) and is fairly divorced from any way to achieve it, the 'mission' will fail.

7. The two ways of conquering enemies or 'insurgents' on foreign soil; and the suggestion of a third way.

The United States and counter-insurgency.

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