Education and Medical efficiencies

It’s a bucolic college campus suggestive of Oxford 80 years ago. The head of a secret fraternity at ‘Libby Hall’ a fellow with curly, dirty-blond hair who has taken to wearing paper masks and hats claimed he could provide me with Veteran’s Benefits and even offered to allow me a two week stay in a hospital sanitarium if I liked. -- Some of the students drive classic, antique, luxury cars. Mine is a cheaper reproduction, though a convertible. Several friends or classmates were waiting for me in my car including one buddy from Monkey Mountain, overseas. I apologized for being late but couldn’t back out anyway because of the other cars jammed ahead and behind me. --

Many are assembled in a largely windowless, tall, corporate-looking building. Wearing sheets, bathrobes or nothing-at-all we seem to be queued up for X-rays. Seems like a hospital. I am sent to room 324 which is exactly like the room I left. No one is there. I leave a sign on the door of the room I left in case anyone comes looking for me there. No one comes. I interact with a fellow who looks like my blood-kin who is listed as MIA and presumed dead. He has been relaxing in a nearby room and counsels patience. I am not a patient patient; I force my way into an Administrator’s office and demand to know why I am waiting. When he is not forthcoming I force him out of the window. His replacement, a business like, but not unattractive woman is equally unhelpful as I attempt to do likewise to her, realizing we are on the first floor, she pretends to be overwhelmed by my intentions but feigning surrender she leaves by another door. I also leave, apparently free to go. I suppose security was cut in the last budget. The veteran knows that life itself is war, only slower.