Memories that are in error

Why it came to mind I don't know; a particular movie star dead for decades: One Internet article had claimed certain of his endowments were questionable... an article appearing later claimed otherwise. The first article made me feel sorry for the guy; the second article made me doubt journalism as being no better than hear-say. But what if this was just another clue to a branching of worlds; two varying realities; or a seep-through of consciousness-particles [ still not found by the Hadron Collider ] from a different universe?

I watched the boy moving his character through a 3D world on the PC and walked to the kitchen, thirsty but wondering if I wanted something hot or cold. I decided on cold but opened the microwave door instead of the refrigerator. My game-line was deteriorating. I was a more involved simulation with a billion levels of complexity; most of which I can not understand, [nor am I supposed to]. Perhaps a high-end simulation may understand that it is a simulation! To understand the game might abort run-time. It was time for a strong drink.