In the cramped, dim, urban office of T.B.L. Cain, a welder and former sergeant, this reporter was offered some insight into the stealthy investigation of the re-combination principles sweeping lower to mid-level N.C.O. ranks of the armed-forces and scientific intelligentsia. Mr. Cain said he had lost his copy of the work but remembers being struck by several lines when he first read it. "--They sounded like part of an email I sent my cousin Gil... We Cains have been long involved in the physical parameters of civilization having been inventors in both the bronze and iron ages; I know that sounds pretentious if not outright crazy... but as I wrote Gil, civilization depends on a core of brotherhood which currently seems missing. And how better to re-institute it than by professional techno-warriors who have no stake in class or money?

"Hey, if you want to read something really crazy, look at this..." and he pulled up a link to a archetype memory supposedly recounted from a hands-only war patrol by a group of 11 males of the Sahelanthropus age about 7 million years ago. "It sounds nuts," Cain said, "but it goes a long way to explain human behavior from the brutal to the co-operative..."