Past Radiation

by Noobi

Much of the data that the Imager returns is considered of little consequence, if not scientifically worthless. In fact the Imager project considers this vast array of data to be an embarrassment to a project that has cost a trillion dollars. I was able to take a look at some of the random "captures" headed for the delete-bin.In one of these "captures" the subject appears to be a teenage boy.

--Outside of his grandmother's house on a long-ago evening looking up at the starry sky. Maybe the night had a magical endless quality to it, where time appeared to be running slowly. The breezes swayed the embrace of the maple trees through which a small corner of the Universe was visible. He was waiting for something. His parents to return, something to do, something to develop in his life. Some future calling, or mystery or summoning to dispel the boredom and ennui growing in his life.Three teenage girls approached along the sidewalk, emerging from the shadows, laughing wantonly and walking arm-on shoulder. He was standing to one side, yet the middle one holding her two comrades kicked her foot forward and pushed upon his chest moving him back along the sidewalk. They continued along, laughing uproariously. Why did they do that? Maybe because things had changed and girls could do that now.  A mystery upon a mystery.The subject looked to the stars again. Expecting something. He went inside and wrote a science-fiction/fantasy story. Now lost and forgotten. The evening went on for a long time. As this "capture" demonstrates, it goes on for ever. Even these moments pose unanswerable questions. What happened to the three teenage girls? And of the subject; that was me, long ago.