Space-Time and Hitler

Scientists at the Imager claim to have deciphered an event from the end of the World War. Dr. Constantine Virgo and Dr. Nancy Liu in a paper presented to the 75th Symposium of Gravitational Mechanics claim that certain violent events can distort the fabric of Space-Time in unusual ways.

When Reich-Marshal Hitler commited suicide in the chancellory bunker he may have unraveled his own past-loop. At the moment of his departure from life he experienced the outcome of a change that traveled back to 1932. Instead of the chancellory building, Hitler was transported to an alternative conclusion in which the very space he had inhabited switched to a different outcome and he found himself in the bargain-basement of Vertheimer's department store, possibly in the men's lavatory. Vertheimer's had owned the land the Chancellory was constructed upon, but was forced into liquidation by the Nazi Aryan-laws. Rumor has it the men's lavatory in Vertheimer's basement attracted an unsavory crowd of homeless and criminal elements. Eventually guards were hired to police the area.Skeptics of the proposed findings include Mego of the Reality Institute. "This is all a trick of the mass-media age," Mego said. People who don't know any better as well as hackers and others of malign intention are purposefully distorting information of the past giving credence to Space-Time changes. More nuetral parties like Dr. Otto Herginsville of the Quantum Institute in New York say "There is unmistakable evidence that time has speeded-up. But outcomes and changes are outside of scientific proof."