Scattered Analysis

by Hero Heeto

Data from the Imager went into overdrive this weekend. Many of the reports are listed below:

Meeting between a Sheik known by his Title: 'Father of the People' and a Hittite Realtor circa 1400 BC concerning a land deal. Nobody wore robes.

Contradictory admonitions from a {or several prophets/lay teachers} in Judea circa 30 [Gregorian Calendar] exhorted to small groups of people: 1."Be more polite to one another, by this in degrees you shall slowly change the world" 2. "Sell your clothes for weapons and attack our Roman overlords, then purify the Temple." 3. "The Universal Fatherhood of God will give you unconditional love." 4. "I am forsaken."

Received a mathematical message possibly from another dimension. It was a call for help before annihilation ...circa 1952.

--No further messages this channel--

Thinking that the huge amount of incoming data could skew the analysis of the machine, scientists shut it down.  The Imager is expected to reopen later this week.