Contemporary Dimensions

by Noobi

His appearance is deceiving. At only 33 and a graduate of the best schools for theoretical physics in the world he seems at least 40. But Doctor Hyman Zerk is the foremost expert in multi- dimensional phenomena.  A child prodigy in string-theory Dr. Zerk received his first Nobel prize at 15 for his work in 'Gravitational-Spread Across Planes of Existence.' He attributes his haggard looks to twenty hours of study  each day. "The theorems are there," he says, drinking another one of his enhanced colas. "We know in theory there are an infinite number and variety of worlds. Some are virtually on top of one another. Some are at almost opposite ends of known space; others are so far apart they are practically touching in the curvature of time."

Among the zillions of worlds some are contemporary to one another; in other words, the difference between those worlds are minuscule differences!

Dr. Zerk's latest theory has astounded the scientific community. He believes that often people pass through contemporary dimensions. These mirror worlds may be a few years ahead or behind the world the traveler came from. Or it could be almost exactly the world the traveler came from. But almost is a big concept for Dr. Zerk.

"If there are billions and billions of potential outcomes for each potential variable; and there are billions and billions of existences. Some of these existences will be almost mirror images, save one tiny change.One of Dr. Zerk's subjects: Raymond Stine, is a frequent traveler to contemporary dimensions. In one existence there is a Raymond Stine who married his high school sweetheart. In another dimension the sweetheart (now fiancé) disappeared. In another the fiancé and Raymond where married and had children before her disappearance. "He's really looking for the dimension where they are still together," Dr. Zerk smiled, "Of course maybe he'll find that all is not bliss. There is fondness in absence, and familiarity breeds contempt," The thrice-divorced physicist relates with a wry smile.

What of Raymond Stine? I asked. "Raymond had no high school sweetheart," Dr. Zerk answers."Dr. Zerk, " I ask impulsively are there really aliens in outer space?" He looks at me as if I am a simple child. "In THIS universe? In this universe we are completely alone." Then it's time for him to get back to work and drinking soda.