De-constructionist Judaism

A Conversion with Teacher Barry Rose:

Instead of Reconstructionist Judaism where old practices are given new meanings we are believers in a De-constructionist Judaism or Israelite-based Judah-ism. Where old things are appreciated as old things and either discarded as pagan such as waving the lulav and etrog as part of the original Canaanite 'Sukkot' fertility-festival. -- Or honored for their ancient primal meanings like blowing the shofar. Either way it means stripping away much Rabbinical theology as not having cultic necessity like meat & dairy kashrut, and substituting the ethics of the reforming prophets and teachers including Jesus, Buber and Rosenzweig. What one must bear in mind is that the people want cultus. As we feel limited in creating cultus we want to get better music, and shorter services. This, we think, is the key to success.