Semi-Strategic Corporal honored

Remarks made while receiving the Quacking Duck award:

Civilization is not made in the marketplace.

We will not cut our way to prosperity; it takes money to make money. -- Build a million windmills over the next 10 years and see what the economy looks like.

The welfare-state was not first put on this earth by leftists but by the conservative Chancellor Otto Von Bismark.

The United States is not a business. We don’t need to slash our workforce, off-shore & outsource to enhance our bottom-line and flip the country for a good price. Our bottom line is whatever we want it to be. Our agenda is to establish justice, tranquility, security, welfare and liberty.

I believe in a strong military though I realize that war is stupid. Even necessary wars are riddled with bad ideas, ludicrous strategies, needless waste and devastation. Most wars accomplish little or nothing. But conflict seems to be a human dimension. What's troubling is the old pattern of Republic, commercial Empire, Consolidation of Wealth, servile-class, cultural fragmentation, political paralysis & animosity, decline, revolt and collapse.