Not a political man

Sgt Cain had been regaling some cohorts about his cooking skills using a mini-pressure cooker on a hot-plate. "I call it beans and 'dines," he said, describing piling dry beans, rice, frozen sardines with 'most' of their gizzards chopped off into the cooker with varying amounts of water, or beer, which he overcooked and tamed with hot sauce. He saw the semi-Strategic Corporal and went over to say hello when he found himself amidst a cacophony of political talk. Looking uncomfortable he tried to back away until cornered by an activist concerning his own beliefs. -- "Uh, I believe in God, family and the United States; just not interested in talk about socialism-bolshevism or capitalism-crapitalism..." When pressed further he added, "Hell, I spent my whole life on a government paycheck..."  -- The semi-Strategic Corporal added with a hint of acerbic wit: "The Military-Industrial & veterans complex is today’s W.P.A."