Travel 'Lite'

Either keep both hands free or one for the metal folding cane with the reinforcing shoulder-bolt. It's street-legal and could hurt. No need to bring daily underwear; skivvy-shorts can be hot-heated with a hair drier to kill stinko-bacteria. Just wave em around to cool before putting 'em back on.

From the hotel window I look below: Exceptionally overcast, dim and dark. Grass is overgrown. View partially obscured by building wing. Large earth-moving machine parked by front entrance. I'm going to use a security badge to walk through a private conference downstairs for medical contractors. Liberate some of their say-little literature. Then. for an extra thrill I will get a phonier assignment at a church theater workshop that is running an alternative-reality play-thing for adults with clues scattered around the city. Nobody knows I'm 'playing,' and maybe I'm not. It's perfect for me.